Martina Löw

Sociology of Cities

(German title: Soziologie der Städte)
ca. 292 pages
Martina Löw
Foto: Martina Löw
© Jürgen Bauer

Martina Löw is professor of Sociology at the Technische University Darmstadt.

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The future lies in the cities. So do problems.


Never before have so many people lived in cities, and a global architecture appears to ensure that metropolises become ever more similar.

At the same time politicians, city planners and people engaged in the cultural sector are actively working to give »their city« an unmistakable face in the media-led competition to gain inhabitants, investors and subsidies. In fact, cities differ considerably and these differences decide over living opportunities and shape everyday routines. Taking her cue from a theory of space, Martina Löw develops the theory that urban developments can only be sufficiently explained and effectively influenced if we understand the »self-logic« of cities. In order to understand a city one has to regard it as an organism which develops a character and possesses its own »structure of emotions«. Citing numerous empirical examples she develops the foundation for a difference-theoretical city sociology in which cities are no long understood solely as laboratories for the analysis of social processes but also as obstinate objects of sociological knowledge.

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Raumsoziologie/Sociology of Space (2000)

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