Juliane Liebert

songs to the great void - Poems

(German title: lieder an das große nichts)
ca. 88 pages
Juliane Liebert
Foto: Juliane Liebert
© Claude Gerber

Juliane Liebert, born in Halle/Saale in 1989, studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and works as a freelance author and journalist writing for publications such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, DIE ZEIT and Spiegel. She writes prose and poetry and has published numerous books, songs to the great void is her first publication with Suhrkamp Verlag. Juliane Liebert lives in Berlin.

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On the brink of sleep, walking around in the big city, we encounter Nikolai Gogol and Marianne Faithfull, sock dandies and party girls, the damaged and those left behind, »face down«, »on broadway at the bus stop«, »for ten, fifteen minutes, really«. They are »so tired of the games, even the knives are sick of stabbing«. Because what else is the heart but a »muscular hollow organ« – octopuses have three of them, us people: »a sudden fear of trains«.

With an infallible sense of rhythm and one ear on the dance floor Juliane Liebert listens for »the lonely, the loud, the simple things« in her shimmering poems and writes lines of such tenderness that even the battle rappers find comfort. Because even though the planet »rotates slower and slower« and the Niagara Falls are »turned off at night« – »in the mornings they are turned back on again«.


»Liebert has her own sound and perspective: trained by pop culture, humorous, crisp, to the point, always attentive of human shortcomings ...« Christian Metz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»The irony, the imagery, the subtext, everything is just right.« Jens Uthoff, taz. die tageszeitung