Marion Poschmann

Sun Position - Novel

(German title: Die Sonnenposition)
ca. 337 pages
Marion Poschmann
Foto: Marion Poschmann
© Jürgen Bauer

Marion Poschmann, born in 1969 in Essen, studied German Studies, Philosophy and Slavic Studies and currently lives in Berlin.

She has been recognized for her poetry and prose many times, and she was most recently awarded the 2011 Peter Huchel Prize and the 2011 Ernst Meister Prize for poetry.

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Bulgaria (Funtasy)

     Shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2013

Wilhelm Raabe Prize 2013


»The sun disintegrated.«

Marion Poschmann’s long-awaited new novel is about Germany from the perspective of the grandchildren of war. A novel about the power of time, about memory and timeless unity. A novel about fragile identities, about beautiful appearances and the search for an inner light – gleaming, clear as glass, and with a subtle tension.

After the reunification of Germany, Altfried Janich finds a job in a decrepit baroque building that newly houses a psychiatric institute. He believes his duty is to adopt the position of the sun for his patients, to be a guide and source of comfort. When his friend Odilo is killed in a mysterious car accident, he descends into his own dark side. During the day he grows closer to his patients, at night he wanders like a ghost through the halls, besieged by memories, and his family’s history of losses closes in on him. All of Altfried’s life up until this point seems to have been headed toward the situation in the castle: all stories end here, and he soon adjusts to the certainty that he will never again escape.

»Shadow only lets itself deflect. Shadow is there, where my gaze doesn’t fall. And yet I know of it, because light comes from darkness.«


»Marion Poschmann is a master of precise observation, of claustrophobic atmosphere. « Spiegel Online

»Marion Poschmann’s Sun Position is a virtuosically conceived novel that illuminates the edges of our reality with darkly scintillating prose.« FAZ

»With this novel, which is a strong contender for the German Book Prize, Poschmann takes her readers to the sun, and to a poetic freedom and audacity that is without peer.« FR


Marion Poschmann reads from her novel Sun Position

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