Guido Zurstiege

Tactics of Disconnecting - The Yearning for Quiet in the Digital Age

(German title: Taktiken der Entnetzung)
ca. 240 pages
Guido Zurstiege

Guido Zurstiege

Guido Zurstiege, born in 1968, is a Professor of Media Studies at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.

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The history and the current state of renouncing the media


In a time where everybody is constantly posting and on stand-by, the ability to disconnect is one of the most important conditions of the individual’s self-assertion and self-determination. Universally increasing communication and connectivity creates an equally heightened need for communicative withdrawal and renunciation. Whether it’s for reasons like the irritation caused by the decay of political discourse or as a reaction to the coercion to constantly expose oneself, the fear of permanent surveillance or as an attempt to win back control over one’s own media user behaviour: Nowadays, everyone needs tactics to disconnect to face the challenges of the digital age successfully.


»This […] small book is a vade mecum for aspiring social-media-abstainers.« Die Literarische Welt

»A worthwhile read for everyone who – be it for professional or private purposes – spends too much time on their phone and would like to reduce their screen time.« novum

»[...] Guido Zurstiege [presents] the tools for a new relationship with communication technology in his slender but surprisingly rich book on the possibilities of disconnecting.« Simon Scharf, literaturkritik.de

»A welcome contribution on how to consciously cope with the digital noise of our time.« bulletin.ch