Juliane Rebentisch

The Art of Freedom - On the Dialectics of Democratic Existence

(German title: Die Kunst der Freiheit)
ca. 396 pages
Juliane Rebentisch

Juliane Rebentisch

Juliane Rebentisch is professor of Aesthetics at the University of Arts and Design in Offenbach, Germany.

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The notion of democratic freedom not only designates the kind of freedom that is implemented in political institutions and procedures. Rather, democratic freedom in the political sense can only be adequately understood, if conceived as an expression of a culture of freedom that relates to an overall lifestyle.

Rebentisch’s systematic history of theory shows that her philosophical critics provide the key for an understanding of a democratic culture of freedom. Philosophers ranging from Plato to Carl Schmitt articulate their critique of democratic culture as a critique of its »aesthetization«. To defend a democratic culture of freedom therefore means to justify its aesthetization.