Merle Kröger

The Experts - Thriller

(German title: Die Experten)
ca. 350 pages
Merle Kröger
Foto: Merle Kröger
© Rainer Schleßelmann

Merle Kröger, born in Plön/Schleswig-Holstein, lives in Berlin where she works as a novelist, screenwriter and dramaturg. She was a member of the Berlin film collective dogfilm (1992 - 1999) and founded pong film in 2001. Kröger is the co-author of Philip Scheffner's internationally awarded cinema documentaries Day of the Sparrow (2010), Revision (2012) and Havarie (2016). A feature film (Europe) will premiere in 2021. Kröger has published four novels to date, including Grenzfall (2012) and Havarie (2015). She belongs to the elite of German crime fiction. Her novels have received numerous awards, including Best Crime Novel of the Year, the Radio Bremen Prize for Crime Fiction and the German Crime Fiction Prize.

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More than 100.000 books sold by the winner of the German Crime Fiction Prize

An explosive political thriller on the German arms industry


The 1960s have started and with them the Age of Aquarius. Adolf Eichmann is sentenced to death in Tel Aviv. Konrad Adenauer agrees on military aid for Israel. At the same time, however, German aeronautical engineers, engine builders and rocket scientists are drawn to Egypt in great numbers.

Rita Hellberg, daughter of an engineer, just wants to visit her parents in Cairo. But her father decides that the family belongs together. Egypt’s president Nasser dreams of an African arms industry and so the father builds a fighter bomber. While her mother refuses to accept life in Cairo, Rita soon realises that there is no better place for her to enter her own future. She lets herself be carried off into a fascinating world on the move. Only gradually she realises that she has arrived at the centre of a conflict in which people fight tooth and nail about historical and future, about global and regional political interests. Everybody is watching everybody, bombs explode, people die. Rita Hellberg has to decide whose side she is on.


»You can now turn down the volume on the popular record with the constant lament about how German authors have nothing to offer compared to the Anglo-American market. Merle Kröger has long since provided evidence to the contrary.« Hannes Hintermeier, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»[…] a broad, intelligently stages, lively and highly suspenseful panorama with thriller elements that are derived not exclusively but partly from the real-life story. She has created a dense parcel of many small, documentary and fictionalised elements and entanglements, from international politics to everyday life in Cairo.« Frank Rumpel, SWR