Gabriele Diechler

The Island of Roses - A Cornwall Novel

(German title: Die Roseninsel)
ca. 464 pages
Gabriele Diechler
Foto: Gabriele Diechler

Gabriele Diechler, born in Cologne, lives and works in the Salzkammergut, Austria. After many years of working as a screenwriter and dramaturge, she now mainly writes novels and YA-fiction.

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Can you fall in love at the wrong time? And does love really conquer all?


Bookseller Emma travels to London to be close to her deceased parents one more time, because that’s where they had met and fallen in love.

Already on the first day she meets the personable widow Ava. The two women become friends and Ava makes Emma the tempting offer of updating the library in her estate on the Island of Roses in Cornwall. Excitedly, Emma agrees.

Completely out of the blue, she meets Ava’s son Ethan in the house at the cliffs. Ethan acts very cold towards her but Emma still feels drawn to him. When she finds out what is behind Ethan’s cool front, she understands who profound love can be – and suddenly finds herself facing the biggest challenge of her life …

A warm-hearted and soulful novel about happiness and hopelessness, loss and love – everything life is about.

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