Juri Andruchowytsch

The Last Territory - Essays

Original Urkainian title: Desorijentazija na miszewosti, published in 1999 and 2006 by Lileja-NV
(German title: Das letzte Territorium)
ca. 192 pages
Juri Andruchowytsch
Foto: Juri Andruchowytsch
© Susanne Schleyer

Juri Andruchowytsch was born in 1960 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. He is considered the leading contemporary Ukrainian writer. He writes poems, prose, essays and translates from German and Polish.

Awards (selection):
Leipziger Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung 2006
Sonderpreis des Erich-Maria-Remarque-Friedenspreises 2005

Sold to

Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), Hungary (Racio)


On our literary map that is hardly even an outline of the Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe. Andruchowytsch, the internationally best known Ukraine author takes the limited knowledge of his audience in West Europe and the United States seriously and in a series of brilliant essays familiarizes them more closely with a forgotten region in Central Europe.

Anyone who has crossed the Western border of the Ukraine soon finds out that it marks a dividing line, even ten years after independence, for it demarcates »Europe and something different«. With a refreshing tone, colorful details and full of irony, Andruchowytsch describes the post-Soviet reality of his home country: Lemberg and Kiew, traces of Galicia in decline and the disaster in Chernobyl, the exodus of many westwards and the government's repressive media policy, not to mention the strange existence of artists, authors and intellectuals in a country »which people leave«.

Other publications

Kleines Lexikon intimer Städte/Small Encyclopedia of Intimate Cities (2016)

Sold to:

France (Noir sur Blanc), Croatia (Fraktura)

Perversion/Perversion (2011)

Sold to:

USA (Northwestern UP), Spain (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), France (Noir sur Blanc), Russia (NLO), Finland (Loki Kirjat), Poland (Czarne), Bulgaria (Paradox), Serbia (Clio)

Geheimnis/Secret (2008)

Rights available

Moscoviada/Moscoviada (2006)

Sold to:

USA (Spuyten Duyvil), Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema), Russia (New Literary Review), France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (Besa Editrice), Poland (Czarne), Czech Republic (FRA), Slovak Republic (Kalligram), Hungary (Gondolat), Bulgaria (Paradox), Romania (Allfa), Macedonia (Makedonska Rech), Belarus (ARCHE), Georgia (Bakur Sulakauri)

Zwölf Ringe/Twelve rings (2005)

Sold to:

English world rights (Spuyten Duyvil), Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), France (Noir sur Blanc), Poland (Czarne), Hungary (Gondolat), Bulgaria (Paradox), Romania (RAO), Lithuania (Lithuanian Writers), Croatia (Fraktura), Serbia ("Filip Visnjic")

Mein Europa/My Europe (2004)

Sold to:

Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (print edition Mimesis / digital edition GoWare), Poland (Wydawictwo Czarne), Czech Republic (Periplum), Hungary (Kijarat), Bulgaria (Lektura), Romania (Polirom), Croatia (Fraktura)