André Georgi

The Last Terrorist - Thriller

(German title: Die letzte Terroristin)
ca. 320 pages
André Georgi
Foto: André Georgi
© Jörg Dieckmann

André Georgi was born in 1965 in Copenhagen and grew up in Berlin. He studied philosophy and German in Freiburg, Berlin and Vienna and currently lives in Bielefeld, where he works as a scriptwriter and dramaturge.

He has written numerous screenplays for celebrated TV-series such as Tatort and Bella Block, and he has adapted stories by Ferdinand von Schirach and Siegfried Lenz for the big screen. His first novel, Tribunal, will be published in Spring 2014 by Suhrkamp.

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The heart of the revolution is out of rhythm

Turned into a two-parter for German television


A young woman is caught in the clutches of terrorism and is sent on a risky mission. Chased by the BKA, the Federal Criminal Police Office, and put under pressure by her comrades, she is forced to make a difficult decision …

Berlin in the early 1990s: As the head of the Treuhandanstalt, Hans-Georg Dahlmann is one of the most threatened men of the newly reunied Germany. Targeted by the RAF, hated by some of the GDR population and in conflict with West-German companies that are doing everything in their power to stop potential competition developing in the East. Always by his side: Sandra Wellmann. Even though she’s only been hired recently, Dahlmann soon has complete trust in his personal assistant. But Sandra Wellmann isn’t who her boss thinks she is …


»... an extremely tight, many-layered, feverish and fast-paced portrait of the time right after German reunification ...« SPIEGEL ONLINE

»André Georgi’s novels, The Last Terrorist included, are a sensation on every bookshelf. Exciting, more exciting, most exciting.« literaturmarkt.info

»An entertaining novel somewhere between reality and insanity, the hall of mirrors at the Prater is nothing in comparison – absolutely worth reading.« Hamburger Abendblatt

»The characters are complex, they are lively and powerful figures which Georgi, an extremely talented wordsmith, also makes convincing. A sharp political thriller that tells the story of a dark chapter in the history of the Federal Republic, a society that, just a short time after reunification, already shows the first, deep fissures between East and West.« Hamburger Abendblatt

»The abrupt changes of perspective within the narrative structure, which constantly drive the reader forward in an exciting and stimulating way, are particularly striking. Georgi narrates from the perspective of RAF-terrorists, federal BKA-agents and politicians, and in so doing gives his novel an enormous density and complexity.« Lesering.de

»The Last Terrorist offers enthralling ideas on the third generation of the RAF and the events of the 1990s, without providing a single way to read or explain them. Above all, the book lives from its narrative style: Georgi throws the reader into different scenes, places and characters without any great explanation; the characters come and go without any long introduction.« Deutschlandfunk Kultur

»A cleverly thought out political and economical thriller ... « Kriminetz

»The Last Terrorist is exciting not least because of its cat-and-mouse games … The climate of suspicion and mistrust, scruples and calculation, is impressively drawn: a disquieting, intense read.« Cannstatter Zeitung

»Georgi writes with full force.« Die Zeit

»The Last Terrorist offers us poly-dimensional glimpses into a colourful kaleidoscope: Exciting plots, gripping psychological portraits of misguided fanatics, and looks back at a turbulent historical era.« Culturemag

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Tribunal/Tribunal (2014)

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