The Nibelungs - Retold by Gretel and Wolfgang Hecht. With illustrations by Burkhard Neie

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»The falcon that you tamed is a noble spouse. You will win and soon lose him again.«

The Nibelungs
– with new illustrations


The Nibelungs, written around 1200, is the most famous and most influential German heroic epic. It is part of the canon of the great works of world literature alongside Homer’s Iliad or Vergil’s Aeneid and was the basis for countless literary, musical, artistic and cinematic adaptations. Ever since the global success of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, it has also found its way into modern popular culture.

This edition of the Insel-Bücherei presents the classic version of this heroic epic by Gretel and Wolfgang Hecht – with colour illustrations by Burkhard Neie!