Hans Joas

The Origin of Value

(German title: Die Entstehung der Werte)
ca. 321 pages
Hans Joas
Foto: Hans Joas
© Heike Steinweg

Hans Joas, born in 1948, is Ernst Troeltsch Honorary Professor at the Humboldt University of Berlin’s faculty of Theology as well as Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago. He has received numerous accolades for his works, including the Hans Kilian Prize, the Max Planck- Humboldt Research Award, the Prix Paul Ricoeur and the Theological Prize of the Salzburger Hochschulwochen.

Awards (selection):

Prix Paul Ricœur 2017

Bielefeld Science Award 2010

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Spanish world rights (Pólvora), Serbia (Belgrade Circle)


This book examines the types of actions and contexts of experience in which the subjective feeling of something’s value has its origin.

Other publications

Die Macht des Heiligen/The Power of the Sacred (2017)

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France (Seuil), Netherlands (Lemniscaat), English edition available through Oxford UP

Die Sakralität der Person/The Sacredness of the Person (2011)

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Spanish rights Latin America (UNSAM Edita), Chinese simplex rights (Shanghai People’s Publishing House), Brazilian Portuguese rights (UNESP), France (Labor et Fides), Italy (Franco Angeli), Croatia (Breza)