Eva Corino

The Principle of Succession - On Handling Family and Career in a Relaxed Manner

(German title: Das Nacheinander-Prinzip)
ca. 287 pages
Eva Corino

Eva Corino

Eva Corino, born in Frankfurt am Main in 1972, was a theatre critic and columnist for the Berliner Zeitung from 1997 to 2002. After being stationed in Washington D.C., Dushanbe and Brussels, she now lives in Erfurt with her husband and their four children.

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The formula for balancing success and family in modern society – and finding happiness in between!

An emphatic, inspiring and refreshingly hands-on guide book


Here’s the good news: over the past fifty years, there has been an increase of 15 years in the life expectancy of women. But why do they rush through life faster and faster despite the time they gained? The reason for this lies in the fact that what is expected of them has increased in a similar fashion, but unfortunately to an unhealthy degree. Raising children, professional development, university degree, partner, career, social engagement – women should and are expected to deliver and know how to do everything, simultaneously, successively. Lack of time and excessive demand are the harmless, failing relationships or burn-outs the severe consequences of this new, precarious lifestyle.

This book’s aim is to encourage living by the »Principle of Succession«: lying the foundations for a career after obtaining a good education, a strong return to the workplace after having tranquil family time. Whether it’s the mother of four who has to reinvent herself at her laptop, the tv chef, policewoman, manager, or the creative career jumper – Eva Corino depicts their modern lives. Together with experts from the fields of politics, economy and sociology, the author analyses women’s biographies in the digital age, uncovers the risks and opportunities of the current social and family policy.

In this dedicated guide book, Eva Corino describes the dangers the modern obsession with simultaneity poses, as well as its alternatives. And she demands: In order for us all to make the most of all stages of life and to finally have a pleasant, fulfilled family and professional life, our society has to change its way of thinking and create valuable periods of recreation. And let’s not forget: society – that’s us!