Bruno E. Werner

The Slave Ship

(German title: Die Galeere)
ca. 420 pages
Bruno E. Werner

Bruno E. Werner

Bruno E. Werner (1896 – 1964) was the art editor for Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (Berlin) in 1925. In 1929, he was involved in establishing the Bauhaus-influenced journal Die neue Linie. His book Vom bleibenden Geist der deutschen Kunst was published in 1934. From 1942 to 1947 Werner worked on the manuscript of Die Galeere. After the war, he became the art editor for Neue Zeitung and president of the German PEN Centre.

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Rediscovery of a post-war bestseller: on the German intelligentsia during the Second World War


Dispassionate and, for that very reason, moving: a newspaper editor documents how the German intelligentsia – academics and artists, novelists and editor-in-chiefs – cringe and writhe following the Nazi’s seizure of power, but also how they create space to continue their pursuit of a good life and a moral good. In the end, however, they too are helpless in the face of the dictatorship. The narrative arc spans from the day of the Nazi’s seizure of power through the bombings of Berlin and Dresden and up to capitulation.

The novel first appeared shortly after the end of World War Two in 1949 and was translated into many languages. 70 years after its publication, it is time to rediscover this post-war bestseller.

Translations have been published, among others, in the following territories: USA (Pantheon Books), UK (Heinemann), France (Gallimard), Netherlands (Stok), Sweden (Bonniers), Finland (Gummerus)