Andreas Maier

The Street - Novel

(German title: Die Straße)
ca. 193 pages
Andreas Maier
Foto: Andreas Maier
© Jürgen Bauer

Andreas Maier, born in Bad Nauheim in 1967, lives in Hamburg. Among numerous other honors, he was awarded the ZDF aspekte Prize, the Robert Gernhardt Preis, the Wilhelm Raabe Prize and the Franz Hessel Prize.

»The most talented blusterer among the younger generation of writers.« Die Zeit

»A name to remember.« Frankfurter Rundschau


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On puberty


In the beginning it was nothing more than doctor games, but now there’s an adult-like urgency to them. Later, the teen magazine Bravo comes out and there is, for the first time, a language for it. A young world made out of magazine terms like »heavy petting«, »penis« and »vagina«.

The narrator, three years younger than his sister and her girlfriends, stands astonished before them and experiences his first sex education with, of all things, Alice in Wonderland. Old men wander through scenes, snatch up ten-year-olds on their way home from school, and lure the children into their homes. John, an American exchange student, gets it from them especially badly – and so to armor himself, he starts to gorge himself on everything in his path. The sister, now an adolescent, runs with her girlfriends around the American barracks in Friedberg in the Wetterau in the doubtful hope that the GIs will finally choose them. And after school lets out, the enamored teens populate Kaiser Street like a crowd of temporarily incurable invalids.

»The beginning of the separation and with it, the beginning of all later love and of all pain, was that Bettina was different from me and I didn’t know to what extent she was different. And that, in order to understand, she had to strip.«


»The Street is most convincing as a whimsical portrait of the decade.« FAZ


Andreas Maier reads from his new novel Die Straße

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