Hauke Brunkhorst

The Two Faces of Europe - Between Capitalism and Democracy

(German title: Das doppelte Gesicht Europas)
ca. 216 pages
Hauke Brunkhorst

Hauke Brunkhorst

Hauke Brunkhorst is Professor of Sociology at the University of Flensburg

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The development of the EU is often described as the history of decline: a technocratic monster born from out of a visionary project. With the Euro crisis the hour of a collective Bonapartism seems to have arrived and seems to have taken over the continent through a regime of austerity. Hauke Brunkhorst offers another way of reading this: like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde he shows how vision and technocracy are related, how the EU’s utopian beginnings are still conserved within its laws, and how the European High Court does indeed strengthen citizens’ rights.

The European project remains an open process, which can be renewed and led in an emancipatory direction – for example, through the mobilization of highly qualified, though precariously employed, youth in Spain, Greece, and other EU member states.