Hans Blumenberg

Theory of the Life-World

Edited by Manfred Sommer
(German title: Theorie der Lebenswelt)
ca. 200 pages
Hans Blumenberg
Foto: Hans Blumenberg
© Peter Zollna

Hans Blumenberg (1920-1996) was professor for Philosophy at the University of Münster.

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To mark the 90th anniversary of Hans Blumenberg’s birth, Suhrkamp is bringing out a posthumous text in which the philosopher provides a radical new view of the issue of the life-world.

The latter is one of the most fiercely debated topics in contemporary philosophy. Often it appears as a world of everyday activities from which philosophy originates, however, without being reducible to it.
Hans Blumenberg does not consider the life-world an actual or everyday world but sees it as the world as it would be if there were no un-answered questions, unsatisfied needs or un-verified statements.
In a surprising way, his comparisons shed light on the difficulties that make the life-world an object of knowledge.

»We need a theory of the life-world because we do not live in a life-world anymore.«


»Blumenberg is still alive, in his own way.« Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Anyone who engages as uncompromisingly as Blumenberg did with the life-world, virtually throwing himself into it, must wonder, as he does, how one can live in it so well, despite – or perhaps more because of – its many inconsistencies and uncertainties. Blumenberg illustrates his theory with countless examples, from the allegedly precise world of jurisprudence to very everyday situations.« Frankfurter Rundschau

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