André Georgi


(German title: Tribunal)
ca. 350 pages
André Georgi
Foto: André Georgi
© Jörg Dieckmann

André Georgi was born in 1965 in Copenhagen and grew up in Berlin. He studied philosophy and German in Freiburg, Berlin and Vienna and currently lives in Bielefeld, where he works as a scriptwriter and dramaturge.

He has written numerous screenplays for celebrated TV-series such as Tatort and Bella Block, and he has adapted stories by Ferdinand von Schirach and Siegfried Lenz for the big screen. His first novel, Tribunal, will be published in Spring 2014 by Suhrkamp.

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He’s a mass murderer.
He’s on the run.
He’s her key to finding the truth.


»Metal, glass, blood. All dead. Why am I still alive?«


In order to convict a war criminal and get justice for thousands of victims, Jasna Brandic is putting her life on the line. Her last hope is a man who himself has blood on his hands. She is faced with an impossible decision.

The Hague: Kovac, former commandant of an élite unit of the Serbian army, stands accused of mass murder. Jasna Brandic, star investigator for an international task force, has at last secured a key witness who can definitively prove Kovac’s guilt. On the day of the hearing he is assassinated, and Jasna is left holding the pieces of her case.

Then she learns that a member of Kovac’s inner circle is prepared to speak out against his former comrade – as long as Jasna can protect him from his own people. Jasna takes the next flight to Belgrade. In defiance of her superiors’ orders, she sets out to find this man and bring him before the tribunal. And Kovac’s supporters will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening.


»Georgi writes with force, describes cruelty that is hardly bearable. [...] The best political thriller on the Yugoslavian civil war.« DIE ZEIT


»Tribunal is a neccessary thriller.« DIE WELT online


»Important historical, political and ethical questions dwell beneath this highly explosive sotry that make Tribunal a true page-turner. A must-read!« kriminetz.de


»An exceptional debut!« IN München 8/2014



Other publications

Die letzte Terroristin/The Last Terrorist (2018)

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