Tomas Venclova

Vilnius - A City in Europe

(German title: Vilnius)
ca. 242 pages
Tomas Venclova
Foto: Tomas Venclova
© Susanne Schleyer

Tomas Venclova, born in 1937 in Lithuania, is professor of Slavic languages and literatures at Yale University.

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English world rights (Sheep Meadow), Poland (Zeszyty Literackie), Hungary (Europa)


»Nobody can claim that Vilnius is his alone. The sheer fantastic fusion of languages, religions and national traditions in a city that ignores political boundaries was what recent arrivals always noticed, while its inhabitants were of the opinion that things couldn’t be any other way«.

Masterfully combining history, geography, personal memories and political reflection with each other, the Lithuanian lyricist and essayist paints a picture of his city, which, like hardly any other, can stand for the success and failure of the »European dream«.


»Tomas Venclova belongs to a distinguished line of late-twentieth-century poets, one which includes Czeslaw Milosz, Joseph Brodsky, and Adam Zagajewski.« Sven Birkerts, Harvard Review