Christian Neuhäuser

Wealth as an Ethical Problem

Christian Neuhäuser

Christian Neuhäuser

Christian Neuhäuser is Professor of Philosophy at the Technical University of Dortmund. He works on theories of dignity and responsibility, on economic philosophy and on the philosophy of international politics.

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Wealth is considered a good thing, desirable even. Even those not in pursuit of it would be unlikely to reject it, and those who begrudge others their wealth are quickly labelled as jealous.

In this book, Christian Neuhäuser questions notions like these which we take for granted and claims that it’s not just possible to be rich, people can also be too rich. He shows that the pursuit of more and ever more prevalent in our society threatens a dignified coexistence and makes the case for dealing with the wealth we achieve in a way that is decidedly more responsible than the one we are currently maintaining.


»With his book Neuhäuser takes up an important subject and locates it knowledgeably in the greater philosophical debate. His thesis—that the economic drifting-apart of society is also a problem though no one, in an existential sense, is truly poor—is convincing.« Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Neuhäuser’s book may lead to debates on the unequal distribution of social wealth no longer being dismissed out of hand as simply the expression of resentment.« Die Zeit