Dietmar Dath

Weapon Weather - Novel

(German title: Waffenwetter)
ca. 288 pages
Dietmar Dath
Foto: Dietmar Dath
© Anita Schiffer-Fuchs
Born in 1970, Dietmar Dath lives in Freiburg and Berlin as a writer and translator.

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Claudia Starik is nineteen and suffers under the totally normal everyday life of a high-school graduate: authoritative teachers, disrupted family circumstances, love, fashion, upcoming exams and climate change. She has an ally in her grandfather, who is not only different from everyone else in terms of appearance: Konstantin Starik is a widower, ex-entrepreneur, Communist and millionaire.

Claudia supports him in the battle against the complexities of modern technology; in return he helps her in all matters relating to the impositions of imperialism, the education malaise and all other matters of life requiring courage. As Konstantin knows, history does not happen, it is made, and consequently he gives his granddaughter an unusual trip as a present for passing her school-leaving exam: As researchers and spies the two set out on a dangerous expedition into the cold, to the location of the world’s largest high-frequency antenna complex. Situated close to the magnetic North Pole HAARP is the pride of American technocrats and – perhaps the military’s secret project for manipulating the weather and global communication?

Dath’s new novel follows his young protagonist in the dialog with something that can think but is not human, to the place where logic and belief, army and church, man and sun, weapon and weather collide

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