Dietmar Dath

Winter of Machines - Knowledge, Technology, Socialism. Arguing a Case

(German title: Maschinenwinter)
ca. 130 pages
Dietmar Dath
Foto: Dietmar Dath
© Anita Schiffer-Fuchs
Born in 1970, Dietmar Dath lives in Freiburg and Berlin as a writer and translator.

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Turkey (Yazilama Yayinevi)


As we all know, it is not machines which employ machines but humans who build and use machines. Therefore it can no longer be accepted that machines increasingly worsen our living conditions although they were originally intended to improve them.

Even in the richest countries one can no longer perceive much improvement of everyday life through technology: The creative computer service provider lives the meager existence of a biblical day laborer, the high-tech physician rights reports on the rights of sick benefit recipients to receive charity; any modernization of production leads to mass dismissals instead of reduction of work time. But poorer regions are not even permitted to engage in this still relatively luxurious form of moaning; everything which cannot yet be done with those on a western payroll just gets outsourced. How is one supposed to storm machines in order to acquire them? Is it possible to maintain a modern division of labor while getting rid of the hierarchies, dependencies and injustices which adhere to them? What does industry, the wealth it creates and the dirt it discards have to do with freedom? The essay Machinenwinter risks being a literary polemic and speculative fantasy on how to make history with technology.

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