Georg Baselitz, Alexander Kluge

World-changing Rage - Dispatches from the Antipodeans

(German title: Weltverändernder Zorn)
ca. 237 pages
Georg Baselitz
Foto: Georg Baselitz

Born in 1938. One of the most important painters, sculptors, and graphic artists in the world. The drawings in this collection are references to his visual creations as presented by his alter ego: Hokusai.

Alexander Kluge
Foto: Alexander Kluge
© Markus Kirchgessner

Alexander Kluge, born in 1932, is an author as well as the director to date of numerous films and countless TV broadcasts, but: »My books are my most important work.« He has received numerous awards for his oeuvre, including the Georg Büchner Prize and the Theodor W. Adorno Prize, the Heinrich Heine Prize of the City of Düsseldorf, and the 2019 Klopstock Prize of the City of Halberstadt.

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»The history of humanity is also the history of rage.«


Rage and obstinacy are closely related. In the work of Georg Baselitz and Alexander Kluge they are fundamental categories. Rage is dynamic: it can grow and suddenly erupt into flaming protests, revolts, revolutions, and war. Within the figure of the hero its energies are concentrated. In this book Georg Baselitz and Alexander Kluge compare the melancholically inclined figure of the occidental hero (and its deconstruction) to the very different ethos of the Japanese hero, the »Antipodean«.

This book is a combination of Georg Baselitz’s graphic art and Alexander Kluge’s texts. Connected to the now daily discussions of »anger« and »hate« in a political context, it is concerned with literary and pictorial depictions of »rage« as an extreme (extremist) but at the same time fundamental form of human agitation, of »thymotic energy« (Sloterdijk). From historical derivations and processes this leads to a tableau of rage-types, raging heroes, and varieties of their world-creating and world-destroying heroism in a comparison of East and West (Europe and Japan).  Furthermore, important depictions of »rage« are represented by drawings of the Japanese artist Hokusai and Baselitz’s versions thereof, producing, as a result, a cross-cultural triangulation of »rage« in image and text.

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