Thomas Rosenlöcher

»You Love Me, I Love You « - Stories to be read aloud

Thomas Rosenlöcher
Foto: Thomas Rosenlöcher
© Hans Ludwig Böhme

Thomas Rosenlöcher, born in 1947 in Dresden, studied at the Literary Institute Leipzig from 1976-1979 and works as a freelance writer near Dresden. Rosenlöcher is a member of the Saxon Academy of Arts and the Academy of Arts in Berlin. He has received numerous prizes and awards for his works.

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Eleven children’s and adult stories to be read aloud or just read – this a completely new genre for Thomas Rosenlöcher, the poet from Dresden, whose idylls never become trivial, because they are always lightly tinged with mystery.


»Thomas Rosenlöcher’s poems, stories and trains of thought are never cosy, they never get comfortable in cherished convictions – which is also what defines their intensity. But they have forsaken hope just as little as doubt, including self-doubt.« Frankfurter Rundschau