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pech & blende

Lutz Seiler

pech & blende

Lutz Seiler‘s poems are hardened constructs beyond any trends. They invoke the dark sides of existence, dig deep into the past, expose its layers. In an extremely concise linguistic style the author is looking for the essential, for the traces of our origins. For years, the author born in Gera/Thuringia was considered an insider's tip, Michael Braun, for instance, called him a »unique talent«. »This contemporaneity appears with archaic force. Once will have to get used to it,« writes Helmut Böttiger after pech & blende was published. And in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Lothar Müller wrote: »This thin, fantastic book is like a seashell: a piece of Germany is enclosed in it and soughs.«

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