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Relational Revolutions

Bini Adamczak

Relational Revolutions

It has now been more than 100 years since the Russian Revolution began. The student movement of 1968, on the other hand, is more present, since closer, in our historical consciousness. Time then, to consider the events of 1917 through the prism of 1968 and bring both revolutions into a relationship of mutual critique. While 1917 was focused on the nation, 1968 targeted the individual. In the future, it would be pertinent to take into account the »modes of relationships« between people. This book analyses the revolutionary gender relations as relations that are formed between the private and the public spheres, »close relationships« and »long-distance relationships« – the gender of revolution. In the process, a desire comes to light that still awaits its realisation: the desire for solidarity as a societal mode of relationships.

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