Aleida and Jan Assmann win the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 2018


Jan AssmannAleida Assmann

The Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 2018 has been awarded to Aleida and Jan Assmann. Considered one of the most renowned cultural distinctions in Germany, the 25,000-euro prize will be given at the Frankfurt Book Fair on 14 October 2018.

From the Jury's statement:

»The German Publishers and Booksellers Association will award the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 2018 to Aleida and Jan Assman. In doing so we honour a husband-and-wife team of researchers who, over the course of decades, have both inspired and complemented each other through their respective work. With her well-founded scientific studies the literary scholar and cultural anthropologist Aleida Assmann actively takes up the ever virulent themes of historical amnesia and the culture of memory. [...] Through his extensive scientific work the Egyptologist and cultural anthropologist Jan Assmann has spurred international debates on fundamental questions regarding the cultural and religious conflicts of our times. [...] Out of the exciting, complementary entity that Aleida and Jan Assmann are, a two-part oeuvre has arisen, one of great importance for contemporary discussions and, in particular, for peaceful cohabitation in our world.«

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