Clemens J. Setz on the Shortlist for Austrian Book Prize 2019


We are excited to announce that Clemens J. Setz is on the shortlist for the Austrian Book Prize 2019 with his collection of stories The Comfort of Round Things.

The jury states that »Clemens J. Setz discovers the grotesque and the threatening in the midst of our everyday lives. With minuscule shifts of perspective he manages to shed light onto the eerie behind the ordinary. There is the nursing student who doesn’t cure and instead kidnaps a boy. Or the blind woman who invites a friend to her apartment, unknowing that her walls and her furniture are covered in obscenities. Or a flight to Canada, initially delayed then cancelled, that transports an author unable to catch his flight to a phantastical world. With The Comfort of Round Things Setz has proven himself a master of storytelling in the tradition of Dark Romanticism. He possesses an enviably precise eye for contemporary living conditions, brilliantly fresh stylistic powers and exceedingly smart wit. All of this combined makes each of his stories an exciting intellectual pleasure.«

The Prize is endowed with 25.000 Euros and will be awarded on November 4th in Vienna.

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The Comfort of Round Things
Clemens J. Setz
The Comfort of Round Things