Clemens J. Setz receives Wilhelm Raabe-Literary-Award 2015


We are proud to share with you that Clemens J. Setz is to be honoured with the Wilhelm Raabe-Literary-Award 2015 for his novel Die Stunde zwischen Frau und Gitarre (The Hour Between Woman and Guitar).

From the jury’s statement:
»Our present is even crazier than we already believed it to be. And there are other, hidden and fascinating, sides to what seems like normality – we just have to look for it. This is what Clemens J. Setz shows in his […] novel The Hour Between Woman and Guitar. It’s here that the 33-year-old Austrian author develops a new, disturbing and simultaneously highly comical dimension of our reality – of which, in the end, you don’t know whether it doesn’t constitute the core of our existence. […]
With great linguistic wit, the universally knowledgeable author designs a thriller with countless references to high- as well as pop culture […]. Here all fields of knowledge seem to come together to be mixed anew. Setz leads straight into the central questions of our present: what’s sick and what is normal, what is real and what is imagined, what is human, what is technical, where are the lines between the two blurred? […]
Just as he did in his previous books and essays, Clemens J. Setz proves to be a fantastic and avant-garde creator of new worlds in this novel. With an aesthetic of the drastic, he subverts moral conventionality and everything obvious and expected. […] The present appears new and in a fresh light after reading this novel: the crazy is normal, the normal crazy. And sometimes the degree to which humans can slip out of place in their self-created world touches the reader to the quick.«

Every year, the city of Braunschweig and the Deutschlandfunk distinguish a piece of prose written in German that is of major significance in the author’s literary development with the Wilhelm Raabe-Literary Award.
Previous laureates include, Rainald Goetz, Ralf Rothmann, Andreas Maier, Sibylle Lewitscharoff, Christian Kracht, Marion Poschmann and Thomas Hettche.