Gisela von Wysocki receives the Heinrich-Mann-Prize 2017


The Heinrich-Mann-Prize of the Academy of Arts this year goes to the Berliner essayist, novelist, radio and theatre dramatist and critic Gisela von Wysocki.

In the words of the jury:

»For decades now Gisela von Wysocki has been one of the most important voices in the fields of essay writing and cultural-critical journalism. With a unique gift for language that always originates with the concrete and with what can be experienced sensually, she has undertaken explorations that passionately bring the complicated cultural state of femininity to light. […] In two of her latest books the author has managed to make the poetically illuminated life-moment an element of a wider form in which the lines between the novelistic and the autobiographical continuously blur. We’re Making Music and Meadow are the names of these two books, and they illuminate the life of the senses as well as the spirit.«

Recent prize winners include Gunnar Decker (2016), Adam Zagajewski (2015), Robert Schindel (2014) and Robert Menasse (2013).