Judith Schalansky's The Giraffe's Neck conquers the World


With yesterday's release of the English edition by Bloomsbury we thought it is about time to display our precious Giraffes from all around the world:

Seated in this picture you will find the foreign editions from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Taiwan and as mentioned above from the UK.

The English edition also received its first reviews:
»This is a brilliant novel: precise, relentless, very funny and unexpectedly powerful. [...] ‘Remarkable’ is too small a word. It is very funny, desperately sad and real, and, ultimately, shocking. She has laid the path to the central revelation so well that, although one suspects it, it does take one by surprise.« Irish Times, Ireland

»The Giraffe’s Neck is a subtle, understated book, tension, emotion and dark humour bubbling away underneath the surface, with a melancholic air of retrospection about it. In terms of atmosphere it’s unlike anything else I’ve read, and I’d recommend it as a meditation on the need or otherwise for change in one’s life.« The Big Issue, UK

And Bloomsbury lets you have a look inside the English edition if you follow this link.

If all of this got you interested and you are eager to learn more about the book, listen to the author read and of course see if the rights for your country are still available you must have a look at Judith Schalansky's Foreign Rights Website.

The Giraffe´s Neck
Judith Schalansky
The Giraffe's Neck