Just published: Suhrkamp Authors Around the World – November 2016, Issue 2


We are delighted to present our latest arrivals:

First row (from left to right):

Theodor W. Adorno, Soziologische Schriften I (2nd Selection): French edition published by Payot, translated by Pierre Arnoux, Jacques-Olivier Bégot, Julia Christ, Georges Felten & Florian Nicodème

Wolfgang Bauer, photographs by Andy Spyra, Die geraubten Mädchen: Dutch edition published by WalburgPers, translated by Marcel Misset

Wolfgang Bauer, photographs by Andy Spyra, Die geraubten Mädchen: Czech edition published by Grada, translated by Tereza Semotamová

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Immer das Geld: French edition published by Alma Éditeur, translated by Paul-Jean Franceschini


Second row (from left to right):

Valerie Fritsch, Winters Garten: Spanish edition published by Alianza, translated by Eduardo Gil Bera

Peter Handke, Die morawische Nacht: English edition (U.S.A.) published by FSG, translated by Krishna Winston

Ottfried Höffe, Gibt es ein interkulturelles Strafrecht?: French edition (Canada) published by Presses Universitaires de Laval, translated by Lukas K. Sosoe

Ludwig Hohl, Die Notizen oder von der unvoreiligen Versöhnung: Japanese edition published by Koyoshobo, translated by Senji Yoshimochi

Heiner Müller, Poems (Selection): Danish edition published by Basilisk, translated by Madame Nielsen


Third row (from left to right):

Christoph Ribbat, Im Restaurant: Dutch edition published by Atlas|Contact, translated by Marianne van Reenen

Judith Schalansky, Der Hals der Giraffe: Romanian edition published by Allfa, translated by Monica Livia Grigore

Clemens J. Setz, Indigo: Complex Chinese edition published by China Times Publishing Co.

Peter Weiss, Abschied von den Eltern & Fluchtpunkt (in one volume): Swedish edition published by Bonniers, translated by Benkt-Erik Hedin

Peter Weiss
Stolen Girls
Wolfgang Bauer
Stolen Girls
The Giraffe´s Neck
Judith Schalansky
The Giraffe's Neck
Money, Money, Money!
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Money, Money, Money!
Clemens J. Setz
The Notes
Ludwig Hohl
The Notes
In the Restaurant
Christoph Ribbat
In the Restaurant
The Moravian Night
Peter Handke
The Moravian Night
Winter´s Garden
Valerie Fritsch
Winter's Garden