Nora Bossong is awarded the 2019 Kranichsteiner Prize for Literature by the German Literary Fund


WintermorgenLászló Darvasi

From the jury’s statement:

»Nora Bossong writes novels, essays and reportages – and the way she owns all these literary genres is impressive. In her volume of poetry Kreuzzug mit Hund [›Crusade with a Dog‹] she invokes not least of all the European idea, in her literary reportage Rotlicht [›Red Light‹] she explores an area into which women are not admitted, her novel Schutzzone [›Protected Area‹], to be published this autumn, is not just about the ›many shades of hesitation‹  that determine the life of a young employee at the United Nations in Geneva; first and foremost, everything in it revolves around one fundamental literary question: ›Do you choose a life? Or aren’t you rather just living it?‹ The jury of the Kranichsteiner Prize for Literature is impressed by the virtuosity and literary intelligence of this […] author.«

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Crusade with a Dog
Nora Bossong
Crusade with a Dog