On the Death of Enrico Ganni


We are mourning Enrico Ganni, longtime friend and companion of our publishing house. Enrico, born in Milan in 1950 and raised in Frankfurt am Main, made his special relationship with the German language and literature his professional purpose in life. He was a congenial translator from German into Italian, a meticulous editor, a close partner for many of our authors as their editor at Einaudi and an important international colleague to us. The Italian editions of works by Walter Benjamin, Marcel Beyer, Bertolt Brecht, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Durs Grünbein bear the hallmarks of Enrico Ganni, who died this past Friday, July 17th 2020.

Photo credit: Giulio Einaudi editore

You can read the Italian obituary by Ernesto Franco at Giulio Einaudi editore here.