Robert Menasse and Peter Sloterdijk nominated for the Prix du livre européen 2019


Robert Menasse and Peter Sloterdijk are on the shortlist for the Prix du livre européen 2019.

Robert Menasse is nominated for his novel The Capital, which won the German Book Prize in 2018 and is going to be translated into 26 languages. The foreign editions already published have received great critical acclaim, with The New York Times calling The Capital »[a] traditional novel, broadshouldered, omniscient, almost Balzac-ian, but with terrorism part of a plot centered satirically around an all-too-plausible Brussels idea.«

Peter Sloterdijk is nominated for Réflexes primitifs published by Payot & Rivages. In four essays selected by Raimund Fellinger on the themes of immigration, Brexit, social cohesion and the nation, Sloterdijk defends the reality of Europe, analyzes the rise of populists and their simplistic vision of the world, denounces the absurdity of ghettos and reminds us of the vital need to fight against cynicism.

The winner of the prize bestowed every year by the European Parliament will be announced on December 4th. President of this year’s jury is the American-Swedish opera singer and human rights activist Barbara Hendricks. Laureates of recent years include Géraldine Schwarz, David Van Reybrouck, Tony Judt and Roberto Saviano.

For more information please visit Robert Menasse's and Peter Sloterdijk's Foreign Rights websites or contact the respective Rights Manager.

The Capital
Robert Menasse
The Capital