Three Suhrkamp authors nominated for German Book Prize 2015

Valerie Fritsch, Winter's Garden Heinz Helle, Euphoria Clemens J. Setz, The Hour between Woman and Guitar


Deutscher Buchpreis 2015 Valerie Fritsch Heinz Helle Clemens SetzWe are proud to present to you the three Suhrkamp authors that have been nominated for the German Book Prize 2015: Valerie Fritsch’s dystopian Winter’s Garden, Heinz Helle’s gut-wrenching Euphoria and Clemens J. Setz' epic The Hour Between Woman and Guitar represent some of the most thrilling, outrageous writing of contemporary German literature.


Valerie Fritsch, born 1989, grew up in Graz.

Anton Winter grew up in a large farmhouse in the countryside surrounded by a lush garden and thick woods. Years later, the apocalypse seems imminent, chaos reigns, and mass suicides have become the order of the day... (Read more)


Clemens J. Setz, born 1982, lives in Graz.

The Hour Between Woman and Guitar is a rollercoaster ride into the world of Clemens J. Setz. He reveals its inner order, its secrets and principles: power and the lack thereof, the search for meaning and loss of orientation... (Read more)


Heinz Helle, born 1978 in Munich.

A group of young men spends a weekend in a mountain cabin. When they return to the lowlands, they find devastated villages. The people are dead or have fled, houses and stores have been looted, and burnt-out cars line the streets... (Read more)


The shortlist will be announced on September 16th, the Prize itself will be awarded on October 12th in Frankfurt.

Heinz Helle
Winter´s Garden
Valerie Fritsch
Winter's Garden