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Lutz Seiler

forty kilometres of night

Lutz Seiler‘s poems, created between 2000 and 2003, undertake a journey through forty kilometres of night, they lead out of the native landscape, destroyed by uranium mining, depicted in pech & blende along »German canopy roads« and »behind garage-lines« – and into the historical layering of the Middle German and Brandenburg region.

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English world rights (And Other Stories)

Clemens J. Setz

The Ostrich Trumpet

Why did young women in the nineteenth century like to stick sharp needles in their mouths in the dark? What is it that prevents someone from being a great lover? And what do childless parrots do?

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Maria Stepanova

The Body Returns

Even before the international success of her first work of prose, Post-Memory, Maria Stepanova was a famous author. For twenty years, she has been contributing to shaping Moscow’s open-minded literary scene and established a reputation as a productive, adventurous poet, even in the English-speaking world.

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Italy (Bompiani)

Hans-Ulrich Treichel

Der einzi­ge Gast

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Serhij Zhadan


What can literature do, what should it do, when there is war? What language do the poets resort to? Are their instruments suited to express »what causes fear«? Since the battles in Eastern Ukraine began six years ago, Serhij Zhadan has encouraged the citizens in countless appearances on bravery and resilience and dedicated himself to social projects.

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Poland (Wrocławski Dom Literatury), Bulgaria (Paradox)

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