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Brigitte Studer

Travellers of the World Revolution

The history of the 20th century cannot be understood without the history of communism. With the Communist International, a revolutionary project took shape in 1919 that was founded on an effectively organised and globally interconnected avantgarde.

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Josef Winkler

Embark on the Journey or Manipulator of Sunbeams

If you read Winkler, you won’t forget Winkler’s zest for language.

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Serhij Zhadan


What can literature do, what should it do, when there is war? What language do the poets resort to? Are their instruments suited to express »what causes fear«? Since the battles in Eastern Ukraine began six years ago, Serhij Zhadan has encouraged the citizens in countless appearances on bravery and resilience and dedicated himself to social projects.

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Poland (Wrocławski Dom Literatury)

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