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Roger de Weck

The Power of Democracy

Liberal democracy makes you dependent, environmentalists start forest fires, feminists are totalitarian, and the rich are discriminated against – this is the lookingglass world of right-wing propaganda. And while we are heatedly discussing these kinds of distortions, the market economy is mutating into a power economy: Big Data and Big Money have turned the democratic order on its head. The economy regulates the nation.

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Matthias Weichelt

The Missing Witness

When Felix Hartlaub disappeared without a trace from embattled Berlin during the last days of the war in 1945, the historian, author and illustrator is only 32 years of age.

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Lambert Wiesing

I for Myself

A phenomenology of self-confidence is not concerned with an explanation as to how and by virtue of which conditions selfconfidence is possible. For Lambert Wiesing, its point of departure is rather the reality of the phenomenon itself: How do I have to conceive of myself as a self-confident being in the world?

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Joscha Wullweber

Central Bank Capitalism

The global fiscal system finds itself in a profound crisis. The guardians of money, central banks such as the EZB or the US-American Fed, have now become its backbone and have heralded a new era: that of central bank capitalism. In order to do so, they had to revolutionise their monetary policy and act as market makers of the last instance.

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Rüdiger Zill

The Absolute Reader

Hans Blumenberg wanted to speak solely through his philosophy. His person was supposed to stay out of the public eye. And yet, reading his world is only possible in light of his times and its battles.

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