Sivan Ben Yishai
DADDY LOVES YOU (englisches Original)

Sivan Ben Yishai
© Max Zerrahn

Besetzung variabel

UA: Maxim Gorki Theater
Regie: Suna Gürler

Die deutsche Übersetzung können Sie hier bestellen: PAPA LIEBT DICH


A train that approaches an unknown destination at over 100 km/h, through the dark night under the earth. Nine older women are sitting neatly in a row on a bench on the train. An unnamed female ego sits across from them and mercilessly observes, condemns and dissects. The further the train speeds along, the more painful the memories become. They crumble off the shoals of consciousness for both sides to taunt each other with. They recount the wars they survived, the sexual abuse, the failed paragons of motherhood. Author Sivan Ben Yishai is celebrated for the linguistic force with which she explodes apparent political certainties. She now wrote a generation portrait about emancipation from patriarchy. DADDY LOVES YOU is the third part of her Tetralogy LET THE BLOOD COME OUT TO SHOW THEM.

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