Ulrich Beck

German Europe

In his famous speech in Hamburg in 1953, Thomas Mann warned the Germans never again to strive for a »German Europe«. As a result of the Euro crisis, however, that is exactly what has happened: the continent’s strongest economic power is in a position to dictate the terms under which struggling Euro nations can apply for further credit, to the point where the democratic autonomy of the Greek, Italian, Spanish – and ultimately also the German – parliaments are completely eroded.

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Ulrich Beck

Twenty Observations on a World in Turmoil

The world is a state of turmoil. From the financial crisis to the chaos in the eurozone, from the Arab uprisings to protests in Athens, Barcelona, New York and elsewhere, many of the familiar frameworks are collapsing and we have to find new ways to orient ourselves in a world undergoing rapid change.

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Timm Beichelt

Substitute Playing Fields

The selection of Russia and Qatar as hosts of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups have once more shown that the football pitch is never merely a green rectangle on which 22 players chase after a ball. (Professional) football is always a substitute pitch on which politics operate simultaneously: political leaders of all types draw attention to themselves, norms like competitive thinking are rehearsed, national teams are an indicator as to which groups are regarded as belonging to the nation and which groups aren’t.

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Michael Butter

»Nothing is as it seems«

According to most recent empirical studies, fifty percent of the US-American population and a smaller, but not insignificant number of Germans believe in at least one conspiracy theory. Personalities like David Icke or Alex Jones enjoy celebrity status; in his TV show the latter chats to Donald Trump, who for his part undermines the belief in shared interpretations with his attacks on the »Fake-News Media«.

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Petra Dobner

Water Politics

Clean water is a basic requirement for earthly existence. This book makes visible the complex dimensions of the global water crisis, and against the background of theoretical conceptions of securing the common good and possibilities of political control traces the development of basic public infrastructure towards structures of global governance.

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Mischa Gabowitsch

Putting Out Putin

The Russian parliamentary elections of December 2011 gave rise to a massive protest movement.

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Arjun Appadurai, Zygmunt Bauman, Donatella della Porta, Nancy Fraser, Eva Illouz, Ivan Krastev, Bruno Latour, Paul Mason, Pankaj Mishra, Robert Misik, Oliver Nachtwey, César Rendueles, Wolfgang Streeck, David Van Reybrouck, Slavoj Žižek

The Great Regression

At the latest, since the effects of the financial crisis became clear and migration to the European Union began to grow, we have seen developments that many had thought were the phenomena of a distant age: the rise of nationalistic, in part anti-liberal parties like the Front National and the Alternative für Deutschland, the profound crisis of the EU, a coarsening of public discourse thanks to demagogues like Donald Trump, a growing distrust of the established media and the spread of xenophobic ideas... all of which are a reminder of dark times. Politicians are vilified as »traitors to the fatherland«, Muslims are under general suspicion and the internet is awash with the crudest of conspiracy theories.

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Bernward Gesang

Climate Ethics

Although climate change is a pressing theme of our times, convincing climate ethics have yet to emerge. This book looks for an answer to the question of how political action has to be evaluated regarding the responsibility towards future generations.

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Jürgen Habermas

On Europe's Constitution

»In the face of a politically unregulated rise in global social complexity which systemically and increasingly restricts the autonomy of the nation state, the normative function of democracy itself requires that political agency be expanded beyond national boundaries.« Jürgen Habermas

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Rahel Jaeggi

Progress and Regression

Progress denotes social change towards a situation in which conditions are becoming not only different, but better – by abolishing slavery, for example, or declaring rape within a marriage a crime. Many would agree to that, and yet, the notion of a general social progress has lost its appeal. It even elicits skepticism. On the other hand, the inclination to evaluate the increase of authoritarian resentments and right-wing populist movements as a kind of regression grows.

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Uffa Jensen

The Politics of Rage

If we had a device for measuring the intensity of collective feelings, at the moment it would be in the red: in most of our political debates rational arguments and mutual respect have given way to fury, hate, and anxiety.

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Katja Kullmann

Raging Ruins

In fall 2011, Katja Kullmann visited Detroit and talked to a variety of its inhabitants: homeless people, city planners, academics, young creative artists and students, single mothers, musicians such as Mike Banks or voluntary service and welfare workers.

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English edition forthcoming

Philip Manow

The Political Economy of Populism

Populism is a multifarious phenomenon. Sometimes from the right, sometimes from the left; sometimes it articulates a protest against open markets, sometimes it turns against migration. Also in its geographic distribution it is rich in variance: in southern Europe leftist populism holds sway, in northern Europe that of the right. Philip Manow develops a comparative explanation for this initially contradictory-seeming picture.

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Netherlands (Leesmagazijn)

Jan-Werner Müller

Where Europe Ends

»As far as democracy and the rule of law are concerned, Europe shouldn’t leave anything to chance.«

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Italy (Beit)

Volker Perthes

The End of the Middle East As We Know It

In many ways, the area between the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf has ceased to be the »Middle East we know« – or believed to know. We cannot foresee future developments in the area, but can definitely try to identify relevant trends. The biggest trend here seems to be the disintegration of regional order – without anyone there to restore it.

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Denmark (Ellekaer)

Hanno Rauterberg

How Free is Art?

Paintings are taken down from the walls, sculptures destroyed, film heroes erased: a mighty cultural conflict is spreading through museums, cinemas and theatres. Does it threaten the end of artistic freedom, as some believe? Is that censorship from below? Or is it about time, as others believe, that the culture world follows the Me Too movement and demands more parity?

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Hartmut Rosa

Acceleration and Alienation

»This book is a short essay on modern life. It strives to ask the ›right‹ sorts of questions that would allow social philosophy and sociology to speak to the everyday reality of people living in late-modern societies.«

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Ulrich Schmid

Technologies of the Soul

Russia’s policy against internal and external »enemies« keeps the world on edge. »We need movies, books, exhibitions, video games, patriotic internet, radio, TV. We have to initiate a counterstrike in this war over souls« - this was posted on a website close to the Kremlin in January 2015.

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Russia (Ivan Limbakh)

Ulrich Schneckener


Part of the reality in today’s war and crises zones is a multitude of non-governmental actors of violence: It is only seldom that regular state armies face each other and more often conflicts are between warlords, militias, rebels or modern mercenaries.

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Wolfgang Streeck

Buying Time

The crisis has us all on tenterhooks and creates a pervasive sense of disorientation. Problems so large as to be entirely inscrutable provoke measures that seem like emergency open heart surgery on the entire Western world – carried out without examining the patient’s past medical history. As serious as the situation is, we seem just as incapable of understanding what exactly is going on. And how it could have come to this.

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