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Friedrich von Borries, Jens-Uwe Fischer

Socialist Cowboys

Germans have long shown an interest in Native American and cowboy culture. But after World War II, this »hobby« became something more – at least in East Germany. In real socialism, after all, the »Wild West« meant one thing above all others: America. And since that was where the »imperialist enemies of the people« ruled, the cowboys and Native Americans of the GDR were positioned squarely in the tension-filled arena of political symbolism.

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Matthias Weichelt

The Missing Witness

When Felix Hartlaub disappeared without a trace from embattled Berlin during the last days of the war in 1945, the historian, author and illustrator is only 32 years of age.

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Stefan Weidner

Manual for the Clash of Cultures

In the mid 1990s when Samuel Huntington presented his theory on the clash of cultures, he was met by widespread repudiation. Meanwhile, the conflict with Islam has estab-lished itself in the media as an ongoing issue and one cannot but speak of a real clash of cultures.

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Anja Weiß

The Sociology of Global Inequalities

Sociology still believes in a world of strong national welfare states that are concerned for their citizens. Many people, however, live in areas of fragile statehood or in states which actively threaten them. Others wander between states or work for transnational companies.

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