Zoë Beck

The Supplier - Thriller

(German title: Die Lieferantin)
ca. 350 pages
Zoë Beck
Foto: Zoë Beck
© Victoria Tomaschko

Zoë Beck, born 1975, completed her education in Germany and England. She is a writer, translator (of James Grady and Gerald Seymour among others), publisher, and also works in film and television. She lives in Berlin. Zoë Beck belongs among the most important German crime fiction authors and has been awarded numerous prizes.

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The new thriller by best-selling author Zoë Beck: cool, highly topical, deadly


London, in the not too distant future: A drug dealer is floating down the Thames – dead. A protection racketeer disappears without a trace. And Ellie Johnson is certain that she is in danger too.

Ellie is the head of the hottest (and the most illegal) startup in London: via the app she developed, users can order drugs of the highest quality, which are then delivered via drones. Completely anonymous, secure, perfectly organised. There is only one catch: the entirety of the London underground feels threatened by her competitive business model and wants to see Ellie dead – and so it’s not long before there is a bounty on her head. Ellie decides to fight, yet her enemies are powerful, and they lie in wait at every street corner.


»Zoë Beck – the multi-talent of crime fiction.« DIE ZEIT

»Zoë Beck has perfected the ability to convey in her stories contemporary phenomena that have about as many layers to them as her novels have page.« DIE WELT