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Juri Andruchowytsch

Small Encyclopedia of Intimate Cities

Juri Andruchowytsch has invested a lot of time in familiarising himself with foreign cities. In some of them, he got stuck for a while. Others have become true parts of his life: »Munich begins right behind Moscow, the alphabet is in harmony with time« – that’s because Munich was the first German city the young author from the failing Soviet Union visited in order to write his Moscoviada not far from it, at Lake Starnberg.

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Friedrich Ani

Naked Man Burning

At the age of fourteen, a boy flees from the southern German village of Heiligsheim. Forty years later, he returns under the name of Ludwig »Luggi« Dragomir. The tough times he has had to live through since leaving his native village are not enough to prevent the constant reliving of something even more sinister: the abuse perpetrated on him and his childhood friends by some of the most influential people of Heiligsheim.

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Ingeborg Bachmann

The Book Goldmann

The Book Goldmann is the name Ingeborg Bachmann gave to her great narrative project, which she cherished until the end. This edition renders the previously only fragmentarily available work recognizable as a project of redemptive narration. The Book Goldmann deals with the various aspects of indiscretion, including misunderstood indiscretion that leaves the other alone in his distress. Half a century after Hofmannsthal, Bachmann discovers a social medium in the somewhat indiscrete Viennese conversation, which could have prevented the worst: Fanny Goldmann’s death.

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Ingeborg Bachmann

Male Oscuro

Ingeborg Bachmann’s dream notes, correspondence drafts and records from the time of her illness are of great literary interest as the primary elements of the subsequent Todesarten-texts. In addition, these writings are apt to further our knowledge about her illness and the phenomenon of illness itself. They are outrageous, courageous in their analytic approach, defeated by the knowledge of the incurable – and at the same time they are filled with the passionate desire to escape the illness and find a cure.

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Wolfgang Bauer

Stolen Girls

In the night from April 14th to April 15th 2014, members of the terrorist organization Boko Haram raided the small town of Chibok in the Northeastern part of Nigeria and abducted 276 young girls from the local boarding school. The event caused massive outrage across the globe. Under the hashtag »Bring Back Our Girls«, politicians, activists and celebrities from all around the world, among them First Lady Michelle Obama and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai, stood up to raise attention and lend their voices to those held captive.

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Valentin Beck

A Theory of Global Responsibility

At the beginning of the 21st century, still a large part of the global population is living in abject poverty. This leads to the burning question of what the citizens of wealthy countries owe desperately poor people from a moral point of view.

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Barbara Beuys

Helene Schjerfbeck

In Scandinavia, Helene Schjerfbeck is praised as one of the greatest painters of the 20th century and internationally her long overdue recognition grows steadily. Barbara Beuys describes the dramatic and tumultuous life of the painter – in which more than a thousand pictures arise: self-portraits, still lives, landscapes, and portraits of modern young women above all.

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Barbara Beuys

Maria Sibylla Merian

In an exciting and knowledgeable way, Barbara Beuys’s new book recounts the extraordinary life of a woman in the 17th century who was a confident artist pioneering in the natural sciences. Her passion for caterpillars and their transformation into butterflies led her to the tropical rainforests of South America in 1699.

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Gernot Böhme

Aesthetic Capitalism

When a new smartphone is released, queues of people form in front of the palatial shops in the early hours of the morning. This goes to show that nowadays it’s not only about the practical value of an article (i.e. that these devices allow us to make calls or surf the internet), but also about that which Gernot Böhme calls the »presentational value«.

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Emma Braslavsky

Life Is No Way to Treat an Animal

»This story is true. Any resemblance to persons living or dead are no coincidence. Should you recognise yourself within them, be a good sport or direct your complaints to the good Lord.«   Jo, a selfish pseudo-idealist in her mid-thirties, and Jivan, a self-righteous Chauvinist with a serious gambling problem in his mid-forties, find themselves in a relationship contest whose aim it is to determine which of them has more pull and decides the direction in which they should be heading. All the while, Jivan falls victim to his father’s will and his own cowardly self-deception.

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Fritz Breithaupt

The Dark Sides of Empathy

Empathy is considered the basis of moral action. But if we examine this more carefully, the ability to »empathize with other people« proves itself to be a prerequisite for deliberate humiliation and cruelty. Additionally, even well-meaning compassion has many unintended consequences. It is for these reasons that we must investigate especially the dark, hitherto repressed aspects of empathy in order to achieve a better society.

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Simone Buchholz

Blue Night

Due to an unfortunate incident where she convicted a superior of corruption and shot a gangster all at once, district attorney Chastity Riley has been transferred to victim protection and thus – officially been put in the backwater. Her private life doesn’t offer any consolation either: her formerly favourite colleague sets out, what with his midlife crisis and all, on his own personal vendetta, while her most faithful ally in the police department descends into the depths of his broken heart.

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Andreas Cassee

Global Mobility

Everyone should be able to decide freely on which country they would like to live in; restrictions on immigration are acceptable only in exceptional cases. This is the argument that philosopher Andreas Cassee makes in this lucid book. He presents a sound overview of the discussion on the ethics of migration over the last 30 years and at the same time, he defends a position that focuses on the individual’s right to autonomously choose their place of residence. A work that is as topical as it is important.

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László Darvasi

Winter Morning

An entire orchestra dies tragically during a bus accident; sole survivor is the drummer, who sets about carrying out their task single-handedly: releasing patients of a psychiatric hospital from their individual insanity through the collective experience of music. A girl stands by the window and observes a couple kissing on the street, holding in her hand the stone with which she is planning to strike them.

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Diedrich Diederichsen

Bodily Impacts

It’s only since the 1960s that the arts are dedicating themselves deliberately to technical recordings of sounds and images. Where there had only been slapstick and surrealism before, genres now pop up in great numbers. All the while, art criticism that still tries to divide films of the nouvelle vague, Cinema vérité, punk, hip-hop, heavy metal and minimalism, Fluxus, performance art, pop art, nouveau réalisme, Arte Povera, soul music and concept art along the lines of mere entertainment and serious art – dividing them into categories of either fine or popular art forms – proves itself to be stolid

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Angelika Felenda

Winter Storm

Munich 1920. Commissioner Reitmeyer has returned from the war and is trying to hide the traumata incurred there from his surroundings, muffling the panic attacks by playing the violin, despite the fact that the police has their work cut out for them: food shortage and inflation have lead to a theft plague sweeping the city and to thriving business for black-marketeers and traffickers.

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Alissa Ganijewa

Bride and Groom

Patimat, Patya for short, and Marat are young, successful and live in Moscow. They have made it: they were able to escape the Caucasian back country that is still stuck between tradition and modernity, as well as police brutality, corruption and Islamist terror. Patya and Marat don’t know one another, but when they both return to their home village one summer, their story unfolds…

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Hg.: Heinrich Geiselberger

The Great Regression

Ever since the consequences of the financial crisis are becoming palpable and migration into the European Union is increasing, we are finding ourselves confronted with developments that many considered to be phenomena of an era long gone: the rise of nationalistic, partly anti-liberal parties like the Front National and the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), a profound crisis within the EU, a coarsening of public discourse at the hands of demagogues such as Donald Trump, growing distrust of established media and a spreading of xenophobic attitudes that is reminiscent of dark times. Politicians are vilified as »traitors to the Fatherland«, Muslims are put under general suspicion, and the crudest conspiracy theories are propagated online.

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Hermann L. Gremliza

Thoughts and Afterthoughts

»In dubio contra« is what Gremliza signed to the reader’s copy of an anthology for which he had written a profile on Helmut Schmidt entitled »Rechts, wo der Blinddarm ist« in 1967. For forty years, Hermann L. Gremliza has been lashing out against everything that abases people: capitalism, the German Vaterland, its anti-Semites and racists: »There is no other, better Germany. What we have are Germans and a few people who also live in the vicinity.«

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Christoph Hein

Portrait of a Son With Father

What does Konstantin Boggosch, whom his mother described as »child of fortune«, owe to his father? In Christoph Hein’s new novel, which mobilises all the registers of his storytelling prowess and his historicaldiagnostic skills, the father is the driving force. But by no means in a positive sense: ever since his birth in 1945, the son, now growing up in the early days of the GDR, has been trying to get away from his war criminal father: psychologically, physically, professionally, geographically, even in his love life.

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