Three Suhrkamp Authors nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2018


Grove by Esther Kinsky (category: fiction), The Society of Singularities by Andreas Reckwitz (category: non-fiction) and the translation of Serhij Zhadan's The Orphanage by Sabine Stöhr und Juri Durkot (category: translation) are nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2018.

About Grove the rational of the jury states: »Three Italian journeys between memory and present. A mourner passes through the inner landscapes of the soul, far away from the tourist paths. Silence, almost supernaturally precise observations ... «

On the burning relevance of Andreas Reckwitz' The Society of Singularities the jury commented: »Wether private or public: In todays cultural capitalism of western societies one always desires the extraordinary. Andreas Reckwitz shows, how the urge toward the ›Singular‹ creates a new kind of class society, with new conflicts between elites and the people who are left behind.«

The jury also praised the translation of Zhadan's The Orphanage: »No cheap overdramatization, but thorough descriptions, which unfurl an enormous power in German. The language is safespace and epistemic instrument in one.«

The award includes a prize money of 60.000 euros and honors outstanding new publications in the categories fiction, non-fiction and translation.

The award ceremony takes place on the 15th of March in the hall of glass at the Leipzig Book Fair.



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