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Friedrich Ani

Day Without a Name

Detective Chief Superintendent Jakob Franck has been retired for two months and feels that he can now start to lead a life in which he leaves behind the dead - until a case from his past catches up with him.

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Wolfgang Bauer

Stolen Girls

In the night from April 14th to April 15th 2014, members of the terrorist organization Boko Haram raided the small town of Chibok in the Northeastern part of Nigeria and abducted 276 young girls from the local boarding school. The event caused massive outrage across the globe. Under the hashtag »Bring Back Our Girls«, politicians, activists and celebrities from all around the world, among them First Lady Michelle Obama and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai, stood up to raise attention and lend their voices to those held captive.

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Karl Heinz Bohrer

The Appearance of Dionysus

Has Dionysus only become Dionysian in the course of modernity? Dionysus, son of Zeus, god of ecstasy, has been ascribed many characteristics. But only one of them discerns him from all the other gods: his sudden »appearance«, that mysterious eventfulness that is connected to his entrance and which was already thematised in the Greek texts. In his new book, Karl Heinz Bohrer explores the traces of this Dionysian feature and shows how it has been detached from the myth successively and became the token of romantic-modern literature and philosophy after 1800.

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Simone Buchholz

Blue Night

Due to an unfortunate incident where she convicted a superior of corruption and shot a gangster all at once, district attorney Chastity Riley has been transferred to victim protection and thus – officially been put in the backwater. Her private life doesn’t offer any consolation either: her formerly favourite colleague sets out, what with his midlife crisis and all, on his own personal vendetta, while her most faithful ally in the police department descends into the depths of his broken heart.

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Bernd Cailloux

Surabaya Gold

An officer of the mercantile marine becomes a drug mule out of marital affection, a businesswoman from Hamburg buys an airport and discovers her »hashgreen« thumb, an up and coming small scale dealer gets mixed up with the wrong people during a big coup with the wrong product, and two pensioners with very different backgrounds get together in a rehabilitation facility to watch the sunset smoking a nice spliff…

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Sigrid Damm

»Summer rain of love«

Goethe’s letters to Charlotte von Stein are some of the most beautiful examples of world literature. They are intimate documents of Goethe’s first decade at Weimar, which, during his lifetime, was shrouded in silence.

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Hans Peter Duerr

The Dark Night of the Soul

Near-death experiences and journeys of the soul have been labelled the biggest unsolved mystery of the sciences of consciousness. And indeed: so far, all philosophical, neurological or psychiatric-psychological attempts of explanation have failed.

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Billy enjoys a sheltered childhood in his aunt and uncle’s family in Duffmore, a small town in Scotland. His hippie parents have split from the world with an overdose shortly after his birth. From them, he inherited his love for music: for the Beatles, the Ramones, Joy Division. From his uncle, on the other hand, he receives the love for philosophy.

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Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Nothing but Money!

Every time Aunt Fé comes to visit, the rather ordinary daily life of the Federmann family is turned upside down. Elderly, jaunty Aunt Fé is a sly lady. She lead an adventurous life and wasn’t spared from inflation, inheritances and bankruptcies, has experienced poverty and squandering, exile and abundance. Now she is rich and lives alone in her villa next to Lake Geneva.

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Daniel Martin Feige

Computer Games

Ever since the beginning of the new millennium, the computer game has enforced itself as a relevant aesthetic medium in our society. Its recognition as an aesthetic and artistic phenomenon, however, raises the question of its corresponding characteristics.

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Rainer Forst

Normativity and Power

An analysis of the social rules of justification

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Max Frisch

Ignorance as State Security?

In his final typescript, in a deeply personal way and in a novel literary form, Max Frisch engaged with the national scandal that rocked Switzerland in 1989 and 1990: almost a million Swiss citizens had been under State surveillance during the Cold War. On individualised index cards or »fiches« the Attorney General’s Office created a chronicle of suspicion, whose grotesque banality served only to exacerbate the scandal.

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Valerie Fritsch

Winter's Garden

Winter’s Garden is the second novel from young photographer Valerie Fritsch. The story is divided into three parts, the characters have been reduced to a minimum, the voice is neutral, prosaic, but the images are full of an arresting poetry.

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Markus Gabriel

Mind und Existence

Since Kant and Frege, contemporary ontology has assumed that there is no (common) property to existence. In this way the old question as to the meaning of being had been reformulated in a different frame.

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Efrat Gal-Ed

No One’s Language

This biography of one of the most important Yiddish poets, the first comprehensive one worldwide, is extraordinary in form and content. The life story of Itzik Manger (1901 – 1969) becomes intertwined with a lively depiction of the Eastern European Yiddish-secular culture in between the World Wars. And appropriately, Gal-Ed’s textual alignment follows the page layout of the Talmud: with a narrative main text, images and explanatory side texts.

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Durs Grünbein

The Years at the Zoo

In this book full of stories, verse, and rare photographs, the poet Durs Grünbein presents himself in an autobiographical light. And yet he reaches further back to a time when the early contours of the twentieth century were just beginning to emerge.

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Peter Handke

Days and Works

In 2013, quietly and in solitude, Peter Handke celebrated his vocational anniversary: in June 1963 he became certain that »writing, taking notes, drawing connections, and leaving things disconnected would be a possible vocation for me«.

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Italy (Guanda)

Christoph Hein

Portrait of a Son With Father

What does Konstantin Boggosch, whom his mother described as child of fortune, owe to his father? In Christoph Hein’s new novel, which mobilises all the registers of his storytelling prowess and his historicaldiagnostic skills, the father is the driving force. But by no means in a positive sense: ever since his birth in 1945, the son, now growing up in the early days of the GDR, has been trying to get away from his war criminal father: psychologically, physically, professionally, geographically, even in his love life.

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Heinz Helle


A group of young men spends a weekend in a mountain cabin. When they return to the lowlands, they find devastated villages. The people are dead or have fled, houses and stores have been looted, and burnt-out cars line the streets. Left with no other option, they try to make their way back to their home town on foot. They function, as well as they can under the circumstances.

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Axel Honneth

The Idea of Socialism

The idea of socialism, which for the past 150 years has provided the normative foundation and historical orientation for the dissatisfaction with the conditions of life under capitalism, seems now to have lost all its power of attraction. Despite growing discontent, it nevertheless seems all but impossible nowadays for anyone to take that idea as a basis for a form of life beyond capitalism.

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