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Zsófia Bán

When There Were Only Animals

Emigration, displacement, the brutal rupture that separates a life into a before and an after – these experiences form the centre of gravity around which the fifteen stories that make up this volume revolve.

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Hans Blumenberg


In response to a review of his important monograph, Work on Myth, on 20 July 1980 Hans Blumenberg wrote a letter to his reviewer, Götz Müller: »I always find it very difficult to respond to reviews. It is always too late. But I feel that you have put your finger on something. There is indeed a chapter missing from the book, which was part of the manuscript, but which had completely spoiled my taste for the rest of the book. So I withheld it. People are free to do with it as they please, once I am gone.«

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France (Seuil)

Szilárd Borbély

The Dispossessed

When the shop owner Mózsi returns to his village from a forced labor camp, he no longer resembles a Jew at all. He will never again wear a black kaftan. Nor a white shirt. He does not even have any interest in learning where his articles have disappeared to: »The furniture had disappeared from the house, the books from the shelves, and compassion from our hearts.«

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Volker Braun

Working Days 2

The first volume of Volker Braun’s working journal ended on the last day of the year 1989. The second encompasses the period between 1990 and 2008. The reader accompanies Braun through the years following the German reunification, becoming witness to the author’s intellectual and aesthetic creative process.

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Eva Demski

Dead Alive

Dead Alive is a novel about love in a time of great political unrest. In sensitive but never sentimental prose, Eva Demski tells the story of a woman faced with the challenge of fathoming a life in death and of coming to terms with memories and doubts, mourning and loss in the process.

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Urs Faes

Summer in Brandenburg

Love in a time of darkness Two young people, not quite twenty years old: he, a gangly boy from Hamburg, middle-class upbringing, musical; she, with the dark eyes and the easy laugh, the daughter of a Viennese newspaperman. They meet, they work together, they fall in love – under unusual circumstances.

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Daniel Martin Feige

A Philosophy of Jazz

What is jazz? How does it differ from other types of music? And in how far does it constitute a compelling object for the study of aesthetic questions? This volume represents the first comprehensive philosophical investigation of jazz.

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Angelika Felenda

Iron Summer

June 1914: two shots are fired in Sarajevo and the world marches on toward the abyss. Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary’s heir apparent, is dead. At the same time, Commissioner Reitmeyer has a difficult choice to make. He is tired of being the puppet of the Chief of Police.

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Max Frisch

Selections from the Berlin Diary

The legendary Berlin Diary is one of the great treasures in Max Frisch’s posthumous papers. Frisch himself mandated that it not be published until twenty years after his death because of the »private matters« it contained. Now, for the first time, we are able to publish selections of the Diary.

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Alissa Ganijewa

Mountain of the Feast

»It is no longer possible to describe my book as fantastic or anti-utopian. It is a work of realist literature, dealing with something that might very well have happened.« Alissa Ganieva, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung The literary debut of a promising Russian author from an unknown country

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André Georgi


»Metal, glass, blood. All dead. Why am I still alive?«   In order to convict a war criminal and get justice for thousands of victims, Jasna Brandic is putting her life on the line. Her last hope is a man who himself has blood on his hands. She is faced with an impossible decision.

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Michael Hampe

The Teachings of Philosophy

What does philosophy want? Michael Hampe answers: it wants to teach and to educate. To this end it formulates assertions. Aristotle asserted that the world was eternal; Thomas Aquinas that it had been created. Descartes asserted that there were only two substances; Spinoza that there was just one. And so on. But what does it really mean to set out to teach others? And didn’t Socrates already question this project?

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Heinz Helle

The Reassuring Sound of Exploding Kerosene

What happens: A philosopher fails in his attempt to make his theory of experience correspond to his actual experiences. A man fails in his attempt to love a woman. Someone succeeds in going to a bar and watching a football match.

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Axel Honneth

Vivisections of an Age

The term vivisection refers to an operation carried out on a living organism in order to understand its inner workings. In a sense, this is also a fitting description for the operations carried out by the theorists whom Axel Honneth portrays in this study: they dissect the flow of events in order to gain insights that can in turn be made productive for their theories.

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Rahel Jaeggi

The Critique of Forms of Life

Can forms of life be subject to critique? Is it possible to say that a given form of life is good, successful, or even rational?

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Ulf K., Bertolt Brecht

Stories of Mr. Keuner

»Mr. K. was asked what he was working on. Mr. K. replied: ›I’m terribly busy – I’m preparing my next mistake.‹« This situation is typical of the Stories of Mr. Keuner: a simple, everyday question provokes a surprising, unusual answer.

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Alexander Kluge

30 April 1945

The thirtieth of April 1945, a Monday, was the last working day observed in the Third Reich. It is followed by a national holiday and the transfer of what remained of the state to powers which had no control over the week-long no-man’s-land leading up to the surrender. It was a day filled with contradictions and bewildering life events.

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Svenja Leiber

The Last Land

The beginning of the 20th century in northern Germany. Ruven Preuk, the youngest son of the village wainwright, has an extraordinary musical gift: he sees notes, and can play incredible melodies on his violin. This, however, does not only bring him admiration from the village where life is simple and tough.

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Philipp Lepenies

The Power of the Single Number

At first glance, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is but a number, a figure expressed in Dollars, Euros or any other currency. It measures the value of all goods and services that are produced in a country within a given period of time. But GDP is much more than a mere economic statistic. GDP is the most powerful statistical indicator in human history.

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Gertrud Leutenegger

Panicked Spring

A volcanic eruption in Iceland brings all European air travel to a standstill, leaving tens of thousands of people stranded at the airports. While images of the gigantic ash cloud circulate around the world, the sky above the Thames is a brilliant spring blue. The city seems cut off from the rest of the world.

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