Andreas Izquierdo

Romeo & Romy

No job, no boyfriend, no prospects – it’s not with a rosy outlook on life that Romy arrives in her native village in the proverbial middle of nowhere. Being a failed actress, and surrounded by quirky pensioners, she devises a bold plan: she is going to transform the barn behind her house into an Elizabethan theatre. And stage Romeo and Juliet in it. With a motley crew of old-age pensioners as the cast.

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Turkey (Pegasus)

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Gabriela Jaskulla

Love at the Baltic Sea

A research assignment on a long-forgotten poet brings young German philologist Julia Völcker to a small island in the Baltic Sea. On first glance: the perfect idyll! But here, other rules apply than on the big city on the mainland – as Julia soon experiences first hand.

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Gabriela Jaskulla

September Sea

A sailing boat in the storm, the sailors’ fight against the waves warily watched by the inhabitants of a small island in the Baltic Sea. Just another pair of inexperienced landlubbers that were clueless enough to venture out to sea during a storm like this! They have no idea that their tightly-knit group is about to be stirred up by the pair that is about to be shipwrecked on their island.

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Ilke S. Prick

Done With Forget-Me-Nots

A happy relationship, a steady job, a comfy couch… Everything seems to be perfect in Marieke’s life – until she finds herself alone with seventeen moving boxes in a strange apartment on New Year’s Eve.

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Matthias Sachau

Skipping Off Into the Sunset in Flip-Flops

Nina is happy with her boyfriend Sami. He know what she likes and sometimes it seems he knows her better than she does herself. No doubt: he is the guy she wants to grow old with.

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