Thomas Montasser

A Heavenly Catastrophe - Novel

(German title: Eine himmlische Katastrophe)
ca. 200 pages
Thomas Montasser
Foto: Thomas Montasser

Thomas Montasser used to work as a journalist and university lecturer and headed a small theatre group. He lives in Munich.

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Sister Act in Burgundy


An old monastery in a magical and forgotten corner of Burgundy. Three elderly nuns barely managing to keep the place going. And a young woman, Louise, from the banlieues of Paris, with a talent for getting into trouble.

The sisters, in any event, are not as harmless as they seem at first – and Lou has more qualities than people think.

What begins as a catastrophe soon turns out to be an act of providence. For with Lou’s help the three nuns not only solve all their financial problems but become famous throughout the country. Which sadly leads to a few confusions with their employers in Rome. For what on earth does it mean that the women are suddenly traveling across the country as a »divine harem«?

An enchanting novel about what is important in life – quirky, charming, and deeply human                                                                               

A warm-hearted and funny novel about an unusual friendship


»A Heavenly Catastrophe is an absolute feel-good book about friendship, joie de vivre, music and the realisation that a person is far more than their outward appearance. A wonderful, short novel that leaves us with a smile.« Cathrin Brackmann, WDR

»From its first line this short novel is an entertaining, amusing reading experience.« Francis Hensch, Aachener Zeitung

»Full of irony, wit and humour. A wonderfully light and entertaining read.« Cornelia Hoppe, news – Das Magazin

»This cheerful, smart novel that shouldn’t be taken seriously and literally is written with humour but by no means superficial.« Schule und Leben

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