Daniel Martin Feige

A Philosophy of Jazz

(German title: Philosophie des Jazz)
ca. 150 pages
Daniel Martin Feige
Foto: Daniel Martin Feige
© Martin Lutz

Daniel Martin Feige is professor of philosophy and aesthetics with particular focus on design at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.

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»An indispensable insight for philosophical treatments of jazz«
J Tyler Friedman, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism


What is jazz? How does it differ from other types of music? And in how far does it constitute a compelling object for the study of aesthetic questions? This volume represents the first comprehensive philosophical investigation of jazz.

In it, Daniel Martin Feige explores the relationship between jazz and European classical music and considers the interaction between the musician and tradition, and between the work and improvisation. Feige’s study departs from the original thesis that the advent of jazz rendered central aspects of musical praxis explicit, which in the tradition of European classical music had always remained merely implicit.


»It‘s a pleasure to read how Feige endeavours to grasp with precision an object that excites with its imprecision.« Zeit

»Feige’s slim book has to be read, best of all before or after jazz concerts.« taz

»An intelligent introduction to jazz.« Tages-Anzeiger

»Feige’s contribution to the discourse are inspired; they have the makings of a classic.« SWR2

»This book is a blessing for our small world.« jazzcity.de

»Considering the majority of other writings on jazz as a system, a theory, or a ›frame of mind,‹ this small booklet actually can enhance your perspective on jazz.« Dr. Alexander Ebert, jive-talk.com

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