Hartmut Rosa

Acceleration - The Change in Temporal Structures in Modernity

(German title: Beschleunigung)
ca. 537 pages
Hartmut Rosa
Foto: Hartmut Rosa
© Jürgen Bauer

Hartmut Rosa, born in 1965, is professor for Sociology in Jena.

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An International Academic Bestseller with 25.000 copies sold in Germany


Acceleration is a key term of modernity and »deceleration« a fashionable contemporary term. Both form part of a social development that has had a lasting impact on the last decades. Neither modernization nor globalization can be understood without acceleration.

In his brilliant and provocative book Hartmut Rosa attempts not only to systematically record this acceleration of social conditions, but also to analyze their cultural and structural origins not to mention their repercussions for individual and collective lifestyles. Rosa explores the bright and dark sides of acceleration; his analysis throws a new light on issues of modernization and globalization. As Thomas Assheuer writes in his enthusiastic review in the Zeit, the result is an impressive theory of modernization.
One of the central theses is that while initially modern social acceleration had a liberating and empowering effect in late modernity it is in danger of becoming the very opposite. Our experience of time and history is changing both as individuals and collectively: Rather than moving forward directly perception seems to move in a motionless, frozen acceleration spiral.

Other publications

Resonanz/Resonance (2016)

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Beschleunigung und Entfremdung/Acceleration and Alienation (2013)

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