Durs Grünbein

After the Satires - Poems

(German title: Nach den Satiren)
ca. 323 pages
Durs Grünbein
Foto: Durs Grünbein
© Jürgen Bauer

Durs Grünbein, born 1962 in Dresden, lives in Berlin.

Awards (Selection):

Peter-Huchel-Prize (1995)
Georg-Büchner-Prize (1995)
Friedrich Nietzsche-Prize (2004)
Tomas-Tränströmer-Prize (2012)

Sold to

France (Petits Matins), Czech Republic (Opus), Hungary (Jelenkor - published, rights reverted)


After the Satires refers to the satires of the Roman poet Juvenal. Hidden within his writings is the satiety of the Roman population, its ecstatic intoxication at the moment just before its downfall. In his book, Grünbein casts a large net, ushering the reader from classical antiquity to the present, from his own native city of Dresen across the continents, and even as far as Saturn and Venus.

Other publications

Der cartesische Taucher/The Cartesian Diver (2008)

Sold to:

English world rights (Upper West Side Philosophers), Sweden (Ersatz)

Porzellan/Porcelain (2005)

Rights available

Vom Schnee oder Descartes in Deutschland/On Snow or Descartes in Germany (2003)

Sold to:

Italy (Einaudi), Sweden (Ersatz), Greece (Keedros)

Erklärte Nacht/Declared Night (2002)

Sold to:

Italy (Einaudi), Hungary (Jelenkor)

Das erste Jahr/The First Year (2001)

Sold to:

Italy (Einaudi)