Marcus Braun

Armor - Novel

(German title: Armor)
ca. 187 pages
Marcus Braun
Foto: Marcus Braun
© Rabea Edel

Marcus Braun, born in 1971 in Bullay/Mosel has written novels and theatre plays. He lives in Berlin. Armor is his fist book published by Suhrkamp Verlag.

Previous publications:
Hochzeitsvorbereitungen. Novel, 2003. Translations: Czech Republic (Vetrne mlyny), Greece (Potamos)

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Kate and Fabien are young, in love and driving to the coast. They turn the car radio up louder, prop their feet against the dashboard and close their eyes when driving. This is how summer road movies begin, sometimes also mysterious psychodramas, Armor is both at once and one of those novels that raise the weightless and comic to literary virtues.

Perhaps because so much about it is French: the figures, the Atlantic coast and this elegant manner, presenting fatal complications as a game of attraction and repulsion. Which is what happens when a handful of people come together at a remote place: Kate and Fabien, arrogant in their innocence, the beautiful Isabelle and her inscrutable husband Jacques, not to mention the girl Marie and the man who might be her father. There are several visits to a picturesque bay, the consumption of crustaceans does not remain without repercussions, and the sea – you can tread on a sea urchin, you can die in it.

Marcus Braun is a master of pared-down scenes and dialogs that leave a lot unsaid yet make even more imaginable. In Armor he creates with laconic lightness an ingeniously erotic action reminiscent of nouvelle vague films.